Monthly Archives: September 2009

Returning home…

Finally it was time to say goodbye… lots of tears and hugs before we boarded the ferry to Vancouver. Theresa had a surprise for us… two stretch limousines waiting to carry us to the airport in luxury! The girls were delighted!!

Once at the airport, there were a few hold-ups as some of the girls had bags that were very overweight, so they had to do some repacking. However, from there it was smooth traveling all the way to Fukuoka, where their families were waiting. Was very nice to be at home, though we all miss the beauty and warmth of Nanaimo and VIU.

A huge thanks to Theresa, Pascalle, Emily, Rebecca, Taha, Mathieu and the rest of the VIU team for all the support and fantastic organisation while at VIU. Also, a very warm thanks to Kathy, who taught the girls while they were here… she made a deep impression on them with her warm positive approach. And finally, a special thanks to the host families who took the girls into their homes and made their stays so special. All of the girls returned home with wonderful memories of their 3 weeks in Nanaimo. Until next time…

Time to say goodbye…

The last few days have been filled with preparations for returning home, and tonight we held our farewell party for students, homestay families, and staff of VIU. The students received certificates and a gift, then they sang some songs for the parents. Many tears, and photos, then it was time to go home and pack. Tomorrow, we must be at the ferry terminal at 7:30PM to begin our return trip home. Time has gone so fast… too fast!!

Students with certificates

Students with certificates

Let’s cook!!

On Wednesday, we had a chance to cook our own lunch in the international center’s kitchen. Helped by Emily, we prepared a delicious meal, and everyone left very full! Our menu was:

  • Pzza (Salami & vegetable, ham & pineapple)
  • Nachos
  • Nanaimo bar (a popular local sweet treat. Read about it here)

Wild Play

Today was probably our most exciting adventure! We went out to Wild Play, and did the Tree to Tree Course! This involved climbing rope ladders, walking across rope bridges, and sliding down zip-lines. All of the students finished the first two stages, which took us up to 15m off the ground. Nine of the students finished stage 3 (20m), and only 2 students, Saori and Ayaka S, had time to go onto stage 4. It was EXTREMELY exciting, and everyone did really well… pushing themselves to their limits, and helping other members.

Pajama Party

As it was a holiday, 6 of the girls decided they’d like to have a night together at the hotel I’m staying at. They rented two rooms, and then went downtown and bought piles of food and drink. Fun time with friends…