Monthly Archives: February 2010

Day 4 – To the beach!

The students are discovering that the morning lessons are hard… really hard! There are only about 3 students from Seinan in each class, so they’re having to use English for the full 3 hours! This is a great chance for them to brush up their skills!

However, we decided to give them a break this afternoon and took them all to Nelson’s famous Tahunanui Beach. Yoshi had prepared 3 activities for us and we split into 2 teams – Team Crazy and Team Marukomu. First activity was an untangling activity which is impossible to explain. Team M won this. Next was a Grab the Flag game and both teams got 4 points. Finally we played beach volleyball and Team C just won… so, our tournament was a draw. Our prize was some delicious watermelon!

A few of us went swimming while the others went off to eat ice cream. A fun day, and a nice chance to relax. Tomorrow, after classes, we are going on a winery tour.

Day 3 – The centre of NZ

This morning, the students were all divided up into different classes. This offered them the chance to work with students from many different countries, and will (hopefully) help them to break out of the habit of speaking Japanese while at NMIT. They will stay in these classes during the next 4 weeks.

The afternoon began with them getting their new NMIT student cards. These cards will allow them access to the computers, plus can be used for discounts at many stores in town. Following that, we climbed to the “Geographical Centre of New Zealand” on a hill behind the city. Because the air in Nelson is so clear, we were able to enjoy superb views of the Nelson area.

Day 2 – Orientation

Today was a busy day for the girls as they began their studies at NMIT. Today included:

  • Meeting with staff
  • Placement test for classes
  • Welcome picnic in nearby Queens Gardens
  • Orientation session and campus tour
  • One-to-one interviews about homestay issues
  • Tour of the downtown area, explanation of banking, shopping, etc

Royal Visit

While we were in Auckland Airport, we had a special visit from the Swanson Royal Family! Princess Meredith, Princess Carolyn, and Prince Peter arrived (with family) to greet the girls and present the ‘Golden Eagle’ trophy.


A long and tiring trip (3 flights within 22 hours), but we all arrived in remarkably good shape. The last flight was stunning, as we were in a small Bombardier aircraft, and flew over the length of the North Island. We were able to see all the mountains, national parks, and coastlines before dropping into Nelson Airport. All the homestay families were there to meet the girls, and they have spent today getting to know their families. The weather here is BEAUTIFUL! Not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and about 26 degrees.