Monthly Archives: August 2010

London Again

Today we went to London again. Peter acted as our guide but he had each of the girls take turns finding the places on the map and leading us. Here Akiko asks a policeman for directions. We took a wonderful boat tour on the Thames river. We saw the clock in the parliament tower and heard the ringing of Big Ben, the bell at noon. We were so impressed by the sites of Westminster Abby and Windsor Castle. In the evening we met Eve and her boyfriend Luke for dinner at a Pub in Winchester. It was another great day! Tomorrow back to studying!

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Three Days In Paris

We spent three wonderful days in Paris and took hundreds of pictures! Can you imagine a Macdonalds hamburger on French bread? The girls loved it! We saw so many things but all agreed that the Louvre museum, Versailles Palace and the Eiffel Tower were the most exciting. We found the French sometimes friendly and then again not so friendly and they spoke only French! Here are a lot of pictures. We have a lot more to show you when we get back. Tomorrow we are off to London again. This time to see the sites.

Another Wonderful Day at Winchester

Today was the final classes for Kinki University and Nagoya University, so we had to say good-bye to our new friends. Here is Natusmi with Akira from Nagaoya University, the only boy in the group! I visited Sawa’s class also Natusmi and Akiko’s class. Everyone was very sad to say good-bye. I’m sorry for all the pictures but it is so beautiful here. Today was a gorgeous day and I went for a walk down town through the grave yard and saw some beautiful scenery. Tomorrow morning we leave for Paris so no more blogs until Monday when we get back. Tuesday we will be going to London again with Peter to visit some museums etc.

A funny story and our home-stay mom

Hi! This is Akiko Futagami. I spend every day happily here. The other day my host mother said to me, “Please don’t plan anything on Friday night because we will eat with my friend’s family”. She told me that her friend is Italian and he has two children and his wife was Japanese. I was very surprised and remembered rememberedthe blog last Sunday about our trip to London. We met Uichi a seventeen year old high school boy whose father is Italian and whose mother was Japanese. When I told my host mom about it she was surprised too. So yes Yuichi is the same boy, so we will meet him again on Friday. It is a very interesting and funny story don’t you think? It will make tomorrow’s super together even more special. Here are some pictures of us in our home-stay with our home-stay mom, Mrs. Robertson

Stonehenge/Salisbury Cathedral/Magna Carta

The wonderful thing about Winchester is that it is so close to so many famous historical places. Today we saw three. First was another world heritage site, Stonehenge. The ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is about five thousand years old (built in 3,000 B.C.). During the mid-summer sunrise there is a big festival here when the sun hits these stones at just the right angle. As you can see it was raining when we visited, but this just made it more interesting and mysterious. Our second stop was Salisbury Cathedral, Britain’s finest 13th century cathedral with the highest spire in Europe. It is also the home of the Magna Carta. It is an agreement signed in 1215 by King John.This was the first time the freedoms of the people were agreed to by a king. We saw the original copy here, although we couldn’t read it because it was written in Latin. The day was very cold and rainy and although it is really hot in Japan, we could use some sunny weather here. This swan seemed to enjoy the rain though! I have asked the girls to write a report on their home-stays and will post that when I get it. Stay cool!