Monthly Archives: September 2010

Safely home

All five students, along with Mr. Woolbright, returned safely to Japan last night, tired but satisfied with their three weeks in the UK.

Arrival at Fukuoka Airport

Winchester walk/Dinner with Debbie

Today was a perfect day! This morning at 10:30 a.m. I started a walk that lasted until 3:30 p.m. These pictures tell the whole story. What a wonderful place to walk and enjoy nature and history at the same time. In the evening Debbie took me to a wonderful English pub connected to Winchester college. It was cool and beautiful all day.

Akiko’s Birthday and Saeko Meets Yuichi again!

Akiko: September 2nd was my birthday. We went to Oxford on that day. When we met at Winchester station everyone sang Happy Birthday for me. More than that Mr. Woolbright bought a birthday cake for me with my name on it!! I was so happy. He sang the happy birthday song to me many times that day and in many places. When we got home my home-stay mom had made me a cake too and so I ate cake twice!!. I really appreciate them. Surely this year will be a good one for me.

Saeko: Yesterday, Akiko, Chisato and I met Yuichi again!! We went to his father’s cafe and enjoyed talking with Yuichi and his father Tom. I was happy because Tom said to me that he likes Japan very much. He knows Dennis Woolbright because Dennis came to his cafe too. I was surprised. We exchanged e-mail addresses with each other. I really want to meet them again some day.

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Important person in my homestay

Natsumi and Sawa want you to meet the most important person in their home-stay. The Baby!


Afternoon Tea Graduation!

Today we had afternoon tea and graduation at a famous tea shop in Winchester. Debbie presented the student with their certificates and several gifts. In the morning the girls had their final class with Peter and evaluated the program. They thought the program was very good. We had to say good-bye to Karen Robbertze who took such good care of us and arranged our trips and helped us in so many ways. Maybe you have been wondering where I have been living. My room is student housing and is quite nice. Big sunny window and lovely community Kitchen. Tomorrow the girls will go to Southampton to buy ingredients to make their host families a final Japanese meal.

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