Monthly Archives: February 2011

Nelson Market

Every Saturday morning is Nelson Market Day… a big community market where local people sell many kinds of things, such as food, jewelry, clothes, plants, crafts, and so on. It’s a wonderful place to buy something delicious to eat, pick up some cheap clothes, or buy lots of local souvenirs. The students enjoyed their shopping and spent LOTS of money!

Helping the quake victims

Everywhere around Nelson, people and groups are collecting money, food, clothing and blankets to assist the people of Christchurch. Homes are being made available, and company staff are being transported down there to relieve local staff.

As part of this effort, our students put together some money to assist, and we raised $602.40 for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund. In addition, staff from Seinan Jo Gakuin University are also collecting money to donate to the fund. Living in Japan, we are all too familiar with the devastation that big earthquakes can inflict.

Pottery making

On Thursday we visited Craft Potters, a collective for local potters in the township of Hope. The students were able to see a demonstration of creating pottery on a wheel before trying it for themselves. There were two activities… decorating a pot and creating a freeform piece of pottery. Here are the results…

Making pikelets

Pikelets are a popular morning or afternoon tea treat in New Zealand. They’re similar to ‘hot cakes’ but a little softer, and usually eaten with butter and jam. Today, Asami, Miwa, and Akiko from Marion’s class learned how to cook them.

Cultural Celebration

NMIT’s Student Association and Student Services ran a Cultural Celebration today… an international festival of music, dance, and food. About half of our students attended.