Monthly Archives: August 2011

Rock Climbing

Today of blog is by Mami and Hiromi. This is the our class time. Our teacher is Gail. We are having a good class every day. This afternoon,we went to the Rock climbing!!!!!! Of course, Dennis tried it!! The first challenger was Saki!
Everyone was a good climber.We may have some muscular pain…..

See you tomorrow:)

Seattle and Ichiro!

Today’s blog is by Haruka and Yui. We went to Safeco Field and took a group photo with Ichiro’s picture. Then we visited the original Starbucks which started in Seattle in 1912. We bought  souvenirs there. August  28th is Saki’s birthday so we made a birthday card and sang happy birthday to her many times. In the afternoon we went back to the baseball field and watched Ichiro in real life, but the Mariners lost the game to the White Socks 9 to 3! Oh no!


Today’s blog is by Misaki and Saki. We arrived in Seattle!! We went shopping at the Seattle Outlet. We could go sight seeing around Seattle. We could look at Mt. Ranier. We arrived at QUALITY INN. Afterward, we went to a
Sports Bar for dinner. We enjoyed spending this time with our new friends.

Vancouver and Capilano Suspension Bridge

Hi! Today’s blog is by Ayuka and Chiori. We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It is a terrible and scary bridge for us. Hiromi was most scared but she was brave and crossed the bridge. Today’s guides were Mathew and Hana and they were really great. Mathew is a good singer and Harmonica player. Richard our nice guy, was our driver, we really appreciate him. In the afternoon we went to downtown Vancouver for lunch and shopping. We are now at the YWCA hotel. It is a nice hotel. We are getting ready to go to dinner.

Cathedral Cove and Coombs

Today’s blog writers are Shizue, Rieko and Youko. We went to Coombs and Market. We thought Coombs was such a beautiful place. It was  like the Yakusugi in Japan. There are a lot of negative ions given off ( Did you know about that? ) Cathedral Grove is an amazing Douglas Fir old-growth forest. Vancouver Island has some of the world’s last old-growth. After that we went shopping in the local area. We ate a really big ice cream!! Many people were there and they were all so kind. We watched some goats on the roof. it was amazing!!! Today’s driver was Wayne. He is so sweet and a really good driver! We enjoyed everything so much today.