Monthly Archives: September 2011

First Nations/ Dream Catcher

Today’s blog is by Shizue Rieko and Yoko. Last Tuesday afternoon, we went to the Nanimo Native Herritage center. We made a dream catcher. They were original art by us. It was difficult for us to make it . It was fun. We also went thru the Totem and did a First Nations/Indian dance.

Farewell Party!

Today was the Farewell Party(^^). We enjoyed dancing and singing!!(*^^*) We don’t want to leave our host families(;_;) We love each family and Nanaimo. We love our teachers too!

Canadian Cooking!

Today’s bloggers are Ayuka and Chiori.
We had a small test today, of course did well. After that we practiced singingand dance for the farewell party.

Afternoon, we and Pascal went to the Jennifer house! It’s very nice and beautiful house! There are many room,many bed,movies room, sauna, large TV, nice balcony and welcome juice!!! It’s looks like hotel. Everyone said I stay here.
We had fun with Canadian cooking. We made pizza and fruit salad. We could make a delicious meal. We are fat now!

Victoria and Whale Watching

Today’s bloggers are Hirom and Mami. We went to Victoria with Pascale and her thirteen year old son Mathieu. Victoria is the capital city of British Colombia. It’s such a beautiful city. First, we went shopping and sightseeing. It is a really good memory. Then we went Whale Watching!! It is one of the big events that we were looking forward to on our Canadian trip. We were so exited At first, we watched many sea lions, but the place was stinky! Next WHALE WATCHING!!…BUT!! We didn’t see any whales! We were very sad and disappointed … Here is a picture of the Whale we didn’t see. We also saw orange pumpkins in a field on our way back. We had another really good day!


At the Swimming Pool

 Today’s blog is by Haruka and Yui. We went to the swimming pool and gym near
VIU. Some people enjoyed swimming, water slide and sauna, while others exercised
in the gym. We had a nice time but were a little bit tired. In the lobby, many
candies were sold. They looked interesting. In the afternoon, we spent our free time
on shopping, camping and so on.