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Letter from England

Hi everyone!

I haven’t seen you for about a month. How are you?  I have a slight cold recently because it’s so cold—especially in the morning and evening here, but it’s warm at daytime, so I cannot adapt myself to the climate in England yet. However I’ll be all right soon.

The other day, I went to Southampton with my friends. “What is Southampton famous for?” you would say. Do you know Titanic? Southampton has the harbour from which Titanic left. I was glad to visit there. I could see the harbour and take a stroll around there. It didn’t take much time to see. There were some big churches and museums which my teacher recommended. Perhaps, you may think Southampton is an ancient region. Of course, you can look back in history there. But this Southampton is also popular with the young because there are shopping malls. They have many clothes shops, accessories shops and groceries shops. In front of shopping malls, there were holiday markets selling vegetables, fruits, and meat. It was sunny on that day, so we bought hotdogs, sat a bench and ate!! To tell the truth, I was worried about speaking to strangers there in English and going there with only friends… But I could do it and feel — I’m now in England!!

See you,

Satoko Murata

Spring in New Zealand

Next February, 20 of our students will travel to Nelson in New Zealand. Now it is spring there – here is a view of a cherry tree outside the Language Centre in NMIT where our students will study…

New Zealand study abroad