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Letter from England 2: Bath

Hi there.

Today, I’d like to talk about Bath. Let me introduce it first. Bath is in the western part of England and is one of England’s famous cities. [Read about it in Wikipedia] As you guess from the name Bath, there are many hot springs. It’s said that it was made by the Roman Empire. Interestingly, there is a difference between Japan’s hot spring and England’s. Do you know? Yes! We have to wear swimsuits to enter here. Of course, we can take traditional hot spring baths. I went there with my friends and mascot yesterday. Before we came here, Malcolm had given us this mascot. In New Zealand, they have a custom that the young take trips with a kind of mascots and take some pictures with it, so we are also traveling with it all the way. We had been walking, walking, and walking. All of the extremely beautiful scenes made us happy.

Now every town looks bright since Christmas will come soon. Many restaurants have started to prepare Christmas dinner. I’ll go to France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Belgium in the winter vacation.

Best wishes, Satoko Murata

Halloween in England

Hello everyone:)
I’m so sorry for late to write this blog.
I’d like to tell you about Halloween in England!
I had never experienced a legitimate Halloween.
It was very exciting for me. Many students wore a delightful costume.
It was cute, cool, but also scary!!:(
First we took place in International Halloween party, and next we went to night club in university.
There were also many people wearing a delightful costume.
We wore Halloween costume too.
Shiori, Aki, Satoko,Yumika, and Yuta dressed up as a cat, and Emi, Madoka and I dressed up as a witch.
I could touch English culture through this event.
I want you all to touch English Halloween.
I’m sure it makes you all fun;)

Moreover that day was Aki’s 20th birthday!
I hope she has good first year of grown-up!

See you soon!
Akiho Tsuji