Monthly Archives: August 2012

Trip to France – 1

Some pictures from our trip to France, including climbing the Eiffel Tower and visiting the Louvre…

Notting Hill Festival

You may have heard of Notting Hill from the movie with the same name. But Notting Hill is also famous for its annual Carnival, which takes place at this time every year. It’s a huge event, with over 1 million people crowding the streets to eat, drink, dance, and enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Today we joined the event…

Bath, and the Roman Baths

After visiting Stonehenge, we traveled to visit the ancient city of Bath. This city became famous as a place where the Romans built a hot springs spa over 2,000 years ago. As well as the baths, we visited other historical spots, and enjoyed shopping in downtown Bath.


On the way to Bath, we stopped at the world-famous site of Stonehenge. It was smaller than we expected, but still magnificent. At the time it was raining a little, but that just added to the atmosphere.

Classes at Winchester

As well as experiencing England’s history and culture, the students are taking classes in English on the campus. Here are some pictures from a class taken by Hannah… one of the tutors. She brought her brother and one of her friends to help with the class…