Monthly Archives: March 2014

Tears, presentations, and goodbyes

Last night was our graduation event at NMIT. All the students received graduation certificates from Gertrud, then they put on a series of presentations about their time here. Lots of tears and laughs, but everyone was feeling sad about the time to be leaving coming so soon…

March 11 remembered…

Our prayers and thoughts go out to all those affected by the Tohoku earthquake 3 years ago.

At Nelson Cathedral.


Rock climbing

On Tuesday, our Year 1 students went rock climbing while the other students did bone carving. Lots of sore muscles, lots of fun!

Final Monday

Into our final week, and the students continued their activities. One group went cycling, while another went bone carving. We also picked up the pottery the students had made. In the evening, the Year 1 students came to Malcolm’s place for dinner.

Race Unity Day

Every year at this time, various Race Unity Day events are held around New Zealand. In Nelson, the event is held at Victory Square, and features shops, food, and displays from many of the nationalities living in the area. There are also performances on the stage. At the beginning of the event, representative students from many countries gather on stage to introduce their country. One of our students, Urara Ono got up to introduce Japan…

Urara’s introduction – video