Monthly Archives: February 2015

Off to camp!

From today until Sunday, we’ll be camping in the Abel Tasman National Park. I will update this website on Sunday.

Marae Visit

On Tuesday, we had a very special chance to visit the local marae – a meeting place for the local Maori people. The welcoming ceremony included a “wero” – a challenge where a young warrior performs a war dance. Then we were called onto the marae where we were welcomed by the local people. They gave us a tour and some lovely afternoon tea before we sat down to make some traditional flax flowers.

Following that, we drove out into the countryside to Cable Bay.



Maori culture – Powhiri

Monday and Tuesday this week are taken up with the students learning about Maori culture. On Monday, they experienced a “powhiri” welcoming ceremony at NMIT, followed by a free hamburger lunch put on by the students’ association. In the afternoon, one of the NMIT tutors, Holly, explained the meaning of the welcome, and we practiced greetings and a song.

Cycling and bone-carving – Day 2

Today we did the reverse of yesterday. After classes, the Year 1 students went bone carving (I’ll add some photos later), and the Year 2 students went cycling around Richmond. We visited a 150-year old house, cycled to the beach, and stopped for a refreshing drink before returning home.

Bone carving – Day 1

Over the next two days, the students will be split into two groups. One group will go cycling around Richmond, looking at the sights and visiting an historic house. The other group will try making original bone jewellery by carving cow bone. Here are today’s results.