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Excursion Preparation

研修でロンドンに行きます。授業で、ロンドンについて学んだ後、各グループで計画をたてました。 On Saturday, the students will go to London on their excursion and they got useful information about London in their class. They also made a plan on their excursion in each group.    

Culture Comparison

授業で、パリへの研修旅行について発表をしました。発表の中では、それぞれが気づいたイギリスとフランスの違いについても述べました。 The students made a presentation on their trip to Paris in their class and they mentioned the differences between England and France which they found.

Disney Land

パリでの4日目は、ディズニーランドに行きました。午前中はあいにくの雨でしたが、午後からは晴れました。学生はそれぞれに楽しんでいたようです。また、東京ディズニーランドとディズニーランド・パリの違いに気づいた学生もいたようです。 We went to Disney Land on the forth day! It was raining in the morning, but it stopped in the afternoon. Each student had a great time there. Some students found some differences between Tokyo Disney Land and Disney

Halloween in England

Hello everyone:) I’m so sorry for late to write this blog. I’d like to tell you about Halloween in England! I had never experienced a legitimate Halloween. It was very exciting for me. Many students wore a delightful costume. It was cute, cool, but

First Nations/ Dream Catcher

Today’s blog is by Shizue Rieko and Yoko. Last Tuesday afternoon, we went to the Nanimo Native Herritage center. We made a dream catcher. They were original art by us. It was difficult for us to make it . It was