Studying in England

Students wishing to study in Britain can attend Winchester University. We offer a 6-month study abroad scheme there, or students may also attend for 3 weeks in the summer as part of our Comparative Culture course. More »

Studying in New Zealand

Nelson Malborough Institute of Technology is the location for our spring Study Abroad programme. Students spend 4 weeks studying English and taking part in local activities. More »

Studying in Canada

For students wishing to study in Canada, Vancouver Island University (our partner school) offers both long- and short-term courses for Seinan students. More »

Japanese Language Assistant

Another possibility for students is to spend a year as a Japanese Language Assistant in Australia, working as a volunteer in local high school classes. More »


Rock climbing

Our final activity in New Zealand – an afternoon of rock-climbing. We had a great time at Vertical Limits, testing our strength and tenacity climbing the walls. Great fun, but some sore muscles later!

Class presentations

Over the last week, the students have been preparing presentations on a variety of topics. On Tuesday, they had a chance to perform their presentations to students from other classes. They had to speak for about 10 minutes, then answer questions from their audience. All the students did a great job.

Camping at Abel Tasman

Last weekend, we went on a 3-day camp to the Abel Tasman National Park. We started on Friday with a shopping trip to the supermarket, then drove out to Marahau where the camp took place. That night we cooked a BBQ, then went for a long walk out onto the beaches. After that we relaxed looking at the gorgeous night views.

On Saturday, we woke up early and cooked breakfast and prepared a packed lunch. We then rode on the Aqua Taxi into the park, enjoying views of seals on the way. We landed at Bark Bay, then had a 8.6km walk through the bush to Anchorage Bay where we relaxed, swam, and ate lunch. When we got back to camp, we cooked up a big dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese.

On Sunday, we woke early again, ate breakfast, and packed up. Then we went kayaking for a few hours in the local area with guides from the kayaking company. We all ended up really wet from our big water fight. Tired from all that, we all drove to Motueka for lunch, then drove home, very sleepy. It was a great weekend!

Off to camp!

From today until Sunday, we’ll be camping in the Abel Tasman National Park. I will update this website on Sunday.

Marae Visit

On Tuesday, we had a very special chance to visit the local marae – a meeting place for the local Maori people. The welcoming ceremony included a “wero” – a challenge where a young warrior performs a war dance. Then we were called onto the marae where we were welcomed by the local people. They gave us a tour and some lovely afternoon tea before we sat down to make some traditional flax flowers.

Following that, we drove out into the countryside to Cable Bay.