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Meet Lloyd and Gloria (Mum & Dad)

Today the 1st year students had a chance to meet my parents. After our trip to Founders’ Park, everyone came back to my place to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea together. My parents said our students are delightful, and they

Day 14 – Market and BBQ

Wow, hard to believe we’ve been here 2 weeks! Half our time in New Zealand is gone! Today was a free day, so most of us went to the weekly Nelson Market… this is a special market with 100s of

Farewell party

With all the girls in different classes, it means they sometimes have to say goodbye to fellow students. Today some of the Kanagawa University girls were leaving, so they held a goodbye party!

Homestay visit

New Zealanders love watching cricket and rugby – especially when the games are against Australia! On Wednesday, New Zealand played a 1-day cricket test against Australia (and we won), so Nao invited me for dinner with her homestay family. It

Day 7 – Riverside Community (Part 2)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, 5 girls, Yoshi, Miho (centre member) and I walked up to the hilltop to view the sunrise on a beautiful cloudless day! We then started another busy day: View the sunrise Breakfast (toast, fruit,