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Saki’s homestay

This is my room. The bed is too big for me!! But it’s comfortable. My host mother is Polish, so she has an accent. Sometimes it is difficult for me to listen. My host family are such nice people!!! Everyone

Asami’s homestay

First is Harry, my host brother and he likes dancing:) sooooo cute!! Next is my dinner. My host father made it 😉 Taste was good. Finally, this is my room. I don’t know why, but there are two beds! Nice room.

Misato’s homestay

The first picture is my room. Next is my host sister, Ellie. She is really cute, but sometimes a little noisy. Haha

Reina’s homestay

It’s my great host family and I spend much funny time with them everyday. They are my cute younger sisters (8 years old and 10 years old).

Erina’s homestay

This is my room. There are two beds!  My host family have accepted a lot of people until now, so maybe that is why there are two bed. The next picture is my dinner on the first day! It’s curry!!! It was spicy and so hot!! But very yum!!! After the meal, I ate apple pie with custard cream! It was so sweet and delicious!