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Marae Visit

On Tuesday, we had a very special chance to visit the local marae – a meeting place for the local Maori people. The welcoming ceremony included a “wero” – a challenge where a young warrior performs a war dance. Then

Marae Visit

Last year we weren’t able to visit the local Whakatu Marae [website] because of the Christchurch Earthquake. However, this year we were able to enjoy this special cultural experience. Kim took us through the proper protocols, and then we had a full

Maori Culture

To prepare for our visit to the marae tomorrow, Kim came and talked to us about Maori culture and customs. We learned a few songs, studied marae protocols (including the hongi greeting), and talked about the history of the Maori

Maori Culture intro

On Monday, Kim Hippolite from Student Services came and gave the students an introduction to the Maori culture and language. He taught us some basic phrases and a song… Our plan was to visit the local marae (meeting house) on