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We arrived safely at Winchester!

人文学部の20名の学生が無事に英国ウィンチェスターに到着しました。これから3週間、ウィンチェスター大学で英語とイギリス文化を学ぶことになります。この週末にはパリにも行きます。長いフライトの後なので疲れているはずですが、皆、これからのイギリスでの生活にわくわくしています。それぞれのホストファミリーに会った後、ステイ先へと向かいました。 Twenty students of the department of humanities arrived at Winchester, UK safely and will study English and British culture at the University of Winchester for three weeks. They will also visit Paris this weekend. They were very excited about

Winchester Cathedral

We were given a guided tour of Winchester Cathedral [link]. This one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, and was built over 900 years ago.

First day…

Our first full day in England was a busy one. Everyone got to school and thankfully were all happy and excited about their home stays. We were then given an introduction by Mandy, followed by a breakfast of croissants and

Winchester photos

This morning I woke up REALLY early (because of jet lag), so I went for a walk around the city centre. There are so many beautiful old buildings here…

Off to the UK!!

Today, August 19, Saki, Reina, Erina, Misato, Asami, Eri, and Malcolm headed off for 3 weeks in England. The students will be studying at Winchester University during that time, but will also visit many local places, plus travel to France for