Riho Tezuka

Hi, My name is Riho Tezuka. I’m from Beppu in Oita. I like listening to music. For example, RAMPAGE, AAA, western music and more.If you have a question, please feel free to ask me anytime.

Hitomi Miyamoto

Hi, I’m Hitomi Miyamoto. I have two cats and their names are Lettuce and Cabbage. And, I usually sleep when I’m free. I’m doing a minor in Japanese teaching, so feel free to ask any questions!!

Mei Hara

Hi,I’m Mei Hara. I’m from Kitakyushu. I like listening to music. In particular, I love Johnny’s WEST!! I’m studying to become a Japanese teacher. If you are interested in becoming a Japanese teacher, you can ask me about it. Please enjoy your campus life!!

Fumina Hashiguchi

Hello, everyone. Congratulations on your admission to Seijo English!! My name is Fumina Hashiguchi. I graduated from Orio Aishin high school. Now, I’m a second year student in Seinan Jo’s English Dept. I belong to two student organizations and I’m a staff member of the Open Campus. As a member of PST, I’ll do my Read More …

Minori Nagoshi

Hi, I’m Minori Nagoshi. I’m from Kitakyushu. I belong to LOD dance circle and the Golden Z Club. Until high school, I played basketball. I often listen to Western music. I love selena, 1D, shawn and more! Please feel free to talk to me anytime!

Mika Onoe

Nice to meet you!! My name is Mika Onoe. I’m from Mizumaki. I like to eat! Sweet food and meat and so on!! My hobby is listening to music and watching movies at home. I especially like western music and musical movies. Let’s enjoy our university life together!!!!

Asuka Haishi

Hi, I’m Asuka, but please call me Asu-chan. I live close to Seinan Jo Gakuin University. I belong to the Kitakyushu Symphony Orchestra. I love classical music very much! If you have any questions, you can ask me anything.

Help Desk

Welcome to Seinan Jo’s Department of English! We’re the Peer Support Team (PST). We are here to help you with your school life! We have set up a “Help Desk” you can use during orientation. Please feel free to ask us anything about course registration, school life, clubs, living alone, Kitakyushu, and so on! オリエンテーション期間中、「Help Read More …

Chisato Ishii

Hi. Welcome to Seinan Jo Gakuin University!!! I’m Chisato Ishii. I’m from Tokyo. I like watching YouTube, playing video games, and chatting with my friends! I’m also the President of the ESS. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Enjoy your school life!!!

Yuki Ayabe

Hi, I’m Yuki Ayabe. I’m from Fukuoka. I’m interested in listening to music. I always eat snacks in my freetime. あやべゆきです! 福岡の飯塚市から毎日1時間半かけて通ってます^_^ 音楽を聴くのがすきです! 休みの日は常にお菓子を食べてます笑 分からないこととかなんでも私の分かる範囲で答えるので気軽に質問してくださーい!