Before and After

Maybe you remember Room 53H from the Christmas Intensive—it was the room in which Prof. Woolbright sang Jingle Bell Rock many times with you. Well, it has been transformed! It is now called the Chatterbox Conversation Café, and it’s a room for you students to practice using English. There’ll be times when teachers are there to guide you, and other times when student leaders will help you. We’ll have regular events in the room, such as TED Talks, movie nights, or game sessions.

The room has a large TV with a DVD player and an Apple TV. There is also WiFi available. There are games, books, and DVDs on the shelves. There will be iPads for you to use if you want. There will also be materials for making posters or other creative activities. And you can make a cup of tea if you’re thirsty!

Most of all, we want it to be a relaxing place where you can speak English in a casual, conversational manner! The only restriction will be no Japanese can be spoken (unless you’re teaching the Winchester students).

So, come up to the 3rd floor of Building 5 and visit. Check it out during Orientation Week. See you there for a chat!

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