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Malcolm Swanson

My name is Malcolm Swanson, and I’m a professor of English and media studies at Seinan Jo Gakuin University. I am currently Chair of the Department of English. I teach English Project communication courses, as well as Media English, English Presentation, and seminar classes.



I was born in New Zealand in 1955. I attended Palmerston North College of Education, and became a primary school teacher in 1978. I taught in New Zealand for 9 years before coming to Japan in 1989. I joined the Department of English at Seinan Jo Gakuin University in 2006.



My research interests include computer-assisted language learning, student-centered learning, and curriculum development. My other interests include graphic design, cooking, growing vegetables, outdoor sports (hiking, distance walking, camping, mountain biking, etc) and Apple computers.



  • 英語プレゼンテーション
  • メディア英語
  • 英語プロジェクト
  • 専門演習
  • 卒業研究
  • 地域プロジェクト
  • リーディング
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