English lecture

Tips to Improve English Listening Skills

by Takashi Inomori

  • Thursday, January 22
  • 4:20-5:50
  • Room 6206
  • Everyone welcome
Takashi Inomori

As a native of Tagawa and a learner of English, I have had a lot of challenges and failures in understanding English, especially spoken English. Through my experience I will show the audience not only what makes it difficult for Japanese students to comprehend spoken English but also how they can get over the difficulties. By following the advice given in the lecture, I am sure that the audience will make remarkable progress in their listening skills in English.


INOMORI Takashi teaches English at Meiji Gakuen High School. He graduated from Tagawa High School, Waseda University, and got a masters degree in TESOL from University of Technology Sydney. INOMORI has given over 70 workshops for English teachers throughout Japan.


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