2009 Mallory Cup English Contest

Our 4th Mallory Cup English Contest was held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 on the theme of “Diversity.” This year featured fewer high school speeches, but a large jump in the number of entries for the junior high school skit contest. Of all the entries received, 10 groups were selected to contest the final.

The judges (Prof. David McMurray, Ms. Miho Harada, and Mr. Samuel Evans) all praised the energy and originality of the students, and all commented on the high level of this year’s competition. Next year’s Mallory Cup is tentatively set for September 25, 2010.


Senior High School Speech Contest

  • 1st place: Yu Shiratani, Seinan Jo Gakuin High School
  • 2nd place: Yui Tsukasaki, Seinan Jo Gakuin High School

Junior High School Skit Contest

  • 1st place: Seinan Jo Gakuin Junior High School – Yuka Kurogi, Yumi Tada, Haruka Hongo
  • 2nd place: Meiji Gakuen Junior High School – Emi Ueda, Misaki Yamamichi, Mai Komine
  • 3rd place: Nakabaru Junior High School – Yuki Hiasa, Koyomi Kashiwagi, Shoko Kobayashi

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