Zion Cup English Contest finalists

During the 1st semester, all 1st and 2nd year students write and perform speeches within their Oral English and Discussion classes. This week, all classes have performed their speeches, with three finalists being chosen from each 1st-year class, and two from each 2nd-year class. These finalists will practice their speeches during the summer vacation, before the semi-final and final in mid-October. We wish them all the best of luck!

1st Year Semi-finalists

Class 1a

  • Mika Yasuda – Important for us
  • Miyuki Fujita – Being a Japanese teacher
  • Rei Mizukami – My favorite place

Class 1b

  • Misato Takahashi – My future foretold
  • Ami Takeda – I love Japan
  • Saki Takeda – Loving Miyazaki

Class 1c

  • Yuki Kumagawa – I won’t forget my resolution
  • Akiho Tsuji – What I want to change in myself
  • Misato Hiwatashi – My favorite place

Class 1d

  • Satoko Murata – Fighting women
  • Yukariko Tenokuchi – Change the world with TFT
  • Akane Takeya – I’m afraid

2nd Year Semi-finalists

Class 2a

  • Shouen Lin – World of smiles
  • Mami Kawahara – Power of music

Class 2b

  • Atsumi Ueno – Funky Monkey Babies
  • Miwa Sashiki – Ghibli

Class 2c

  • Sakisako Misaki – Thanks to…
  • Iwasaki Tomoka – A Daughter of Hong Kong

Class 2d

  • Kana Tabata – B blood type
  • Moeko Hayashi – Forever a teenager

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