English Lecture #6

Beyond beer and bratwurst: A brief intro to Germany & the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Benjamin Däuwel

Thursday, January 20

4:20-5:50 in Room 6206

It often happens to me that when people in Japan (and people from all around the world) hear that I come from Germany they respond with: “Oh, I would like to drink German beer and eat German sausages!!!”

Well, of course this is actually a nice thing to do and to be honest, we Germans (and people from all around the world) obviously do this from time to time. However, by introducing my home country I want to briefly explain what Germany has to offer beyond beer and bratwurst and what living in Germany is like.

Furthermore, I would like to talk about the Berlin Wall. I`m sure you have heard about it. But who built the Wall? Why was it built? And how did it come to an end?

If you are interested in Germany (or if you cannot answer the questions above) – please come to the lecture and broad your horizon. There will be lots of pictures and we will certainly have a nice time together!

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