English Lecture 2

Four Lectures from Winchester

June 16, 4:20-5:50 in Room 6206

Lecture 1 – Tanya Banks

  • Title: Iconic British Children’s Television Shows
  • Summary: In this presentation I plan to feature approximately 4 famous British television programs (as well as mentioning several others which may be of interest) from a range of historical eras and which occur in a variety of formats (i.e. cartoons and live action) to the students, so as to raise awareness of popular characters and what they represent.
  • Bio: Tanya was born and raised in the lovely little boring city of Chichester in the south of England. At the age of 19 Tanya went off to study English and Drama at the University of Winchester, where she currently lives with 3 other girls. In her spare time Tanya likes to bake cakes, dance and play on the wii. Back at her parents’ house Tanya has a pet dog, 5 pet chickens and a tortoise. Tanya love anything childish or kawaii.

Lecture 2 – Michelle Anderson

  • Title: Music Festivals and gigs
  • Summary: I will be talking about the music festivals I have been to, the bands and singers I have seen and the ones I want to see and the festivals I wish to go to in the future. What you should take with you, if you are camping and why you should go to at least one music festival in your life.
  • Bio: Michelle Anderson – 29 I am a mature student. I worked in retail management for several years before going back to studies. Born in Aldershot. My hometown is Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Lecture 3 – CJ Forde

  • Title:  Polo at Winchester University
  • Brief Summary: I will begin by explaining how I could already horse-ride and so when the sports fayre was held in fresher’s week, I decided to join the Polo team. Then I will have a few images of the team, and the polo ponies, along with rules/diagrams and descriptions of the game. I will describe nasty accidents I have had from the sport but also show the exciting side of it too!
  • Bio: Claudia Jane Forde. 22 years old. Born in Devon in UK but moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands near France, when I was 5. I study English Language and Literature at Uni. I’ve got a dog and a cat who are best friends! My brother is in the Army, Welsh Guards Regiment, and he was part of the squad to greet Kate and William as they entered Buckingham Palace! My parents are police detectives. I hope to be a horse-riding police officer in the UK in the future, but I will teach English to foreign speakers in Jersey first. I have a boyfriend who I’ve been with for 2 years. I enjoy drinking, swimming, riding, socialising with friends and watching scary films. I don’t like bugs and insects!

Lecture 4 – Mel Thompson

  • TitleMusic – setting the right mood
  • Summary: Basically I will be talking about my eclectic taste in music and how and why I use it to enhance different activities.  To that end I will need to provide samples of the various types to be played in conjunction with pictures shown in the powerpoint presentation.  I will also be asking Dennis to assist me in performing a wee bit of dancing with music and finally a demonstration of the joys of singing karaoke country & western style.
  • Bio Born in Adelaide, Australia. Raised and educated in the UK since the age of 2 yrs. Have worked in various jobs (Admin, catering, aromatherapy) Returned to study as a mature student (obviously!)
Poster for lecture

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