English Lecture 5

A Pathway to Your Future – Gaining Experience through Volunteer Work

Hiroko Ohta

Thursday, November 10 from 16:20 in Room 6206



When I moved to Kitakyushu 25 years ago, there was a movement of Internationalization in Japan.  Even in Kitakyushu the number of foreign students was gradually growing, and the environment where those students can live comfortably was slowly being developed.  I wanted to do something to be a part of it as I had lived in France and was helped by French people a lot when I was there.

Coincidentally the City of Kitakyushu organized the international volunteer seminar and I participated in it.  It was my first step to volunteer experiences in international exchanges. I would like to share my volunteer experiences and also talk about how they developed in my personal life and even led to my career opportunities. I am sure volunteer work is one of the important clues for your brilliant future!!

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