2012 English Lectures

English Lecture Series

Six times a year we offer lectures in English. These are on a variety of topics, and are given by both Japanese and foreign speakers. Anyone is welcome to attend the lectures. They take place on the dates listed below from 4:20-5:50 in Room 6206. (Note: TBA = To be announced)


  • Lecture 1
    May 24 “Sharing the Gift of English with your Children”
    Tomoko Uezono
  • Lecture 2
    June 21 “Britain: Four Viewpoints”
    Winchester University students and Seinan students who studied abroad
  • Lecture 3
    July 19 “English on the Job”
    Susannah Bradley
  • Lecture 4
    October 18 “TBA
  • Lecture 5
    November 15 “TBA
  • Lecture 6
    January 24 “A festival of English”
    Various speakers

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