3rd Year Zemi Bowling Contest

Also on June 21, our 3rd-Year zemi students held a bowling competition at Korona World. They were joined by Mr Swanson and Mr Woolbright, as well as Joanna, Sophie, Alice, and Gemma… our Winchester students. Competition was fierce, but the Yamamoto Zemi took home the final prize. Misato Takahashi got the prize for the highest score (287 points), and Arisa Kawahara (99 points) took away the “No. 28” prize. Many thanks to Reina Kawaragawa for her work in organizing this fun event!

Scores (average score per zemi for 2 games):

  • Yamamoto zemi: 184
  • Nishioka zemi: 177
  • Swanson zemi: 175
  • Abe zemi: 143
  • Woolbright zemi: 141

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