English Lecture 1, 2013

What can I do to help change the world?

Judith Johnson

Thursday, May 30 from 4:20 in Rm 6206

Judith Johnson
Judith Johnson

Every individual has the responsibility, the potential and endless opportunities to contribute to positive social and environmental changes. This presentation will introduce two basic keys to becoming a global citizen and transforming our planet into a better place for all human beings to live—the United Nations Millennium Goals and Universal Human Virtues.


Recently retired from her position at Yamaguchi University, Dr. Judith Johnson has also been on the faculties of other universities in Japan (Kyushu Institute of Technology), South Korea, China, Ecuador, and the United States. Dr. Johnson is the Director of Curriculum at the not-for-profit organization, International Educational Initiatives, and is the author of numerous articles and books in the areas of Curriculum Design, EFL, Teacher Education, and K-12 Education.

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