Lecture 1: Golden Myanmar

Our first lecture for 2014 is about one of our Asian neighbours, Myanmar…

Golden Myanmar

Wai Wai Hnin

Thursday, May 29, 4:20 to 5:50 in Rm 6206

Wai Wai Hnin
Wai Wai Hnin

This presentation will be about Myanmar and its culture. Information on the history, geography, ethnic groups, food, language, and sightseeing will be given. Ms Hnin will also introduce her family’s business and the work it does supporting a local orphanage, as well as the opportunities for volunteers with our school and at the orphanage. The presentation will finish with a short quiz with prizes at the end! Wai Wai Hnin came to Japan 4 years ago. She recently graduated with a Master of Economics degree from Oita University.

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