English Lecture 3: Gulliver’s Troubles

LCGulliver’s Troubles: A Westerner’s view of Japan

Lawrence Chivers

July 17 – 16:20–17:50 in Room 6206

Moving to another country to live is both and exciting and a scary experience. On one side, you have an amazing new lifestyle to begin living. On the other hand, you have to cope with a whole new culture! In this presentation, Lawrence Chivers will tell us about his life in Japan, and some of the surprising things about Japan that maybe only an outsider would see.

Lawrence Chivers was born in London to an English father and New Zealand mother. He did Business Studies and Japanese at Cardiff University, then moved to Japan in 1999. He currently runs an English School and is British Honorary Consul in Kitakyushu. He is a registered interpreter with the Fukuoka Bar Association. 

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