63rd School Culture Festival

On Saturday, October 16, we held our 63rd School Festival. Last year’s event was canceled because of COVID-19, and this…

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Geo-Karuta Kitakyushu

ジオ&バイオ研究会が北九州の自然や歴史を遊びながら学べるようにと作成した“ジオかるた北九州”を西南女学院大学人文学部英語学科の学生が英語に翻訳しました!地質学等の専門知識のない私たちのために博物館の学芸員の方もお手伝いくださいました。北九州市内の公民館や博物館に配布されるようです。海外からお客様が来られるようになったら、このカルタが北九州の魅力を伝える一助となればと思います。 Students from the Department of English at Seinan Jo Gakuin University translated cards created by Kitakyushu’s Geo & Bio…

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Australia Month

October is Australia Month in the Department of English. During this month, we’re going to be doing a few activities…

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Japan-Cambodia Online Exchange Program

On Sunday, September 12, some of our students joined the 2021 Japan-Cambodia Online Exchange Program. This event, using English as…

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Zonta Club of Kitakyushu and Seinan Jo Gakuin University Golden Z Club plan local Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women exhibit

The Zonta Club of Kitakyushu and the Seinan Jo Gakuin University Golden Z Club are taking part in one of…

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