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Study abroad

海外で学ぼう!Studying abroad


Becoming competent in a language is more than just focusing on the grammar and vocabulary. A language is a living thing, and to become competent we need to look outside the structure and understand the culture, the society, and the atmosphere in which it is used. Our 欧米文化交流研修 programme is for just this …

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Six-Month Study Abroad

In the 2nd semester in Year 2, students can choose to study abroad for 6 months in either England (Winchester University), New Zealand (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology), or the USA (Arizona State University). This is a full programme that helps students to not only improve their English, but develop more confidence …

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One-Year Study Abroad

Available to selected students, this course allows you to study overseas for one year and still graduate in 4 years. 長期海外留学 2年次後学期から3年次前学期まで1年間の留学プログラムを用意→目的:1年間英語力を強化しながら異文化理解、交渉力、チャレンジ精神、情報収集能力などを養う。(対象者:選抜による特別に優秀な学生1〜2名)                                                          …

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Spring study in New Zealand

In mid-February, while Japan is still cold and wintry, we head to New Zealand for 3 weeks of sunny weather in Nelson. Students spend each morning studying in classes with students from a wide number of countries. Then, in the afternoon, we go out and do many cultural activities, such as …

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Assistant Japanese Teacher in Australia

Our students have a chance to spend a year abroad as a volunteer assistant teacher in Australia. Two or three students every year travel to Toowoomba in New South Wales, and assist in local high schools teaching Japanese to the students there. It is a very valuable programme, as it …

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