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ESD Conference in Okayama

A group of our English Department students and Ms. Tsukamoto attended a conference on ESD, Education for Sustainable Development in Okayama, Japan where they made a wonderful presentation about their project on ESD. After the conference, they joined a party for those who were working for UNESCO schools and ESD. On Sunday, they attended UNESCO …

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Caught on the street

Some of our students who are volunteering in the ESD Station Cambodia Project were caught on the street by Pacolife—a local free magazine. Here are their photos on the pages of the magazine.

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Recycling to help the Cambodia Project

Do you buy your lunch from the school Seikyo? What do you do with the lunch containers afterwards? Just throw them away? Well, there’s a way that you can help the environment, and help our volunteer group to raise money for textbooks in Cambodia. Just find this box in Building …

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Volunteering for Cambodia

Instead of having a holiday this weekend, three of our first year students and Ms Tsukamoto headed to Kanda-machi to take part in an international festival. They are working to raise money to buy textbooks for Cambodian children — ¥100 can buy one textbook — and they were offering lessons …

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