A Festival of English

On January 21, 2010, we held our final English Lecture for this year. We called it “A Festival of English” because of the variety of activities it covered.

We started with our Zion Cup winner of the 1st Year competition, Kanako Mine, who presented her speech on “Learning from the Past.” That was followed by a presentation by Prof. Kazuto “Stephen” Ono about the role of English in his life. Our 2nd Year Zion Cup winner, Saki Tokugawa followed with her speech about One Piece. One of our graduate students, Kana Nagabe, then talked about the role that Seinan and her study abroad in Australia played in her life, and this was followed by a photo slideshow looking back at 2009. Then, everyone got involved with a quiz show, with the top teams taking home wonderful prizes that included pink slippers! Finally, we finished with Jingle Bell Rock, an old favorite from our Christmas Intensive. All in all, an interesting and fun end to the lecture series.

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