Chocolate cake chance!


The winners of the chocolate cake challenge were: Tomomi T, Yukiko M, Kyouko K, Akiho T, Tomoka I, and Emi M. Congratulations!

Would you like to win one of Malcolm’s delicious chocolate cakes? Here’s your chance… you only have to do 2 things before July 26, 2010:

  1. Go to this website [click link] and answer the survey
  2. Then, find the answers to the following questions on this SeiJo English website. FIVE people with the correct answers will be chosen to get one of Malcolm’s cakes!

QUESTIONS (email your answers to Malcolm)

  • Q1- What event will take place in September this year?
  • Q2 – What class did their Tanabata in English?
  • Q3 – What staff (faculty) member was born in 1942?
  • Q4 – What will happen at 2:00pm during Open Campus?
  • Q5 – What is the countdown for?
  • Q6 – In September 2009, who went to Iki Island?
  • Q7 – What was the topic of our very first English Lecture?
  • Q8 – Who wrote “The Scarlet Letter”?
  • Q9 – What is in Olivia’s bag in her goodbye photo?
  • Q10 – November is Movie month… how much did it cost to go to the movies last year?

Good luck!! We hope you enjoy reading this website!!

PS: This competition is only open to students…

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