2011 English Lecture 3

Reach for the stars! Go global!!

Thursday, July 21 from 4:20 in Rm 6208

New Zealand born, Gina Whittle, first came to Japan on a Monbusho Scholarship in 1998. After one year of studying Japanese, she returned to New Zealand to finish university. She came back to Japan in 2001, and after three years of teaching English and studying Japanese, she decided to start her own company dedicated to helping Japanese students fulfill their dreams of studying and working abroad.

She opened the doors to Gina & Partners in December, 2004. Ms. Whittle is fluent in Japanese and lives an active, full life in Fukuoka.

In this lecture you will learn about:

  • Future dreams
  • Benefits of speaking English
  • How to be successful in your career
  • Experiences and challenges as a foreign business owner
Lecture poster

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