2011 Zion Cup English Contest semifinalists

The semi finalists for the 2011 Zion Cup English Contest have been decided. They are:

  • Class 1A-a – Chiho Mishima & Natsumi Ayakawa
  • Class 1A-b – Shiori Saeki, Nanami Mineyama
  • Class 1B-c- Aiko Yamane, Arisa Fujii
  • Class 1B-d – Shoko Amioka, Shiori Wakamatsu
  • Class 2A-a – Yukiko Mataki, Mizuki Hikita
  • Class 2A-b – Hikaru Shimada, Miyuki Fujita
  • Class 2B-c – Yuki Kumagawa, Yumi Nakano
  • Class 2B-d – Satoko Murata, Misato Takahashi

They will perform their speeches on July 25 from 4:20pm in Room 532. The 3 finalists from each year group will go through to the final performance in October. After the speeches, Prof. Woolbright’s zemi students will perform “Cinderella!

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