Zion Cup English Contest semifinal

On July 30—our last day of classes—we held our semifinal contest for the 2012 Zion Cup English Contest. The final will be held during the school festival in October. Each 1st-year class chose 2 semifinalists, and 4 speakers came from each of the 2nd-year classes. From these, 3 finalists were selected from each year group.

The semi-finalists were:

  • 1a: Marie Kubota, Kazumi Teramoto
  • 1b: Yuka Ietsugu, Azusa Matsumoto
  • 1c: Sena Ogata, Kaho Okamoto
  • 1d: Kanna Kitou, Hiroko Kimura
  • 2A: Shiori Wakamatsu, Rena Honda, Hikari Ikeda, Natsumi Ayukawa
  • 2B: Aiko Yamane, Nanami Mineyama, Shoko Amioka, Arisa Fujii

From these speeches, the finalists were:

  • 1st year: Sena Ogata, Kanna Kitou, Hiroko Kimura
  • 2nd year: Shiori Wakamatsu, Aiko Yamane, Nanami Mineyama, Shoko Amioka*, Arisa Fujii*

*Ineligible to participate in final because of study abroad

The semi-finalists with staff

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