2013 autumn PTA meeting

On November 30, we held our 2013 Faculty of Humanities  autumn PTA meeting. Over 100 parents and students from both departments attended. The afternoon began with a number of presentations by students and staff. Then, we split into two groups—one for each department. In the English Department meeting, we began with an afternoon tea organised by Prof. Woolbright. This was followed by a welcome from Prof. Abe, followed by presentations from some of our students, including:

  • Campus life—Aki Satou
  • Study abroad experiences—Arisa Fujii
  • Volunteering—Nanako Hirahara and Satoko Murata
  • Speech contests—Yumi Nakano
  • Student teaching—Satoko Murata
  • Job hunting—Saki Tokiwa

We ended with a Q&A session, then parents had a chance to sit and talk to teachers individually. Here are some photos, including some mother-and-daughter shots.

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