2014 English Camp – Day 1

This year, our English Camp was at Sumiyoshihama Beach Resort in Oita. 100 of us boarded the buses for the trip, and arrived just in time for lunch. Following lunch, we held an opening ceremony, and then began our activities. This year’s theme was “Making Connections” – we began with Malcolm teaching an action song, followed by Ali White leading us through a seated circle activity. From this, we did an activity where 1st year and 2nd year students made pairs with people they didn’t know and interviewed them, exchanged digital address cards at the end.

Our next activity had the students working in groups and going out to seek information from our visitors and the Winchester students about studying abroad, and then filling in posters with the information they found. Then it was time to check in and rehearse for the show, followed by a BBQ dinner…

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