2014 International Party

On July 8, we held our annual International Party… a chance to welcome some of the foreign students studying on campus, and to farewell our Winchester students before they head home. About 50 students and staff gathered for an evening of games (1-2-3, Pass the Parcel), food, and chatting.

“It was a good chance to make new friends and talk with foreign students in foreign languages. I had a great time.” Yuka Takekuma – Year 3

“I really enjoyed yesterday. I was glad! I could make friends from another department and speak to study abroad students.” Yumi Nishida – Year 3

“I really enjoy this International Party every year because we can speak in English or Chinese, even if we cannot talk well. We can make friends with everyone! I think this event is a really nice chance to improve ourselves.” Miki Soejima – Year 3

“I was happy to meet and talk with many international students. I enjoyed the party very much!” Nanako Hirahara – Year 3

“It was a really good opportunity to chat with friends from other countries. I enjoyed the party lots!” Nanami Mineyama – Year 4

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