9th Zion Cup English Contest

Our annual Zion Cup English Contest takes place in the second semester each year, and this year, the theme is “Growth.” Eight of our 1st Year students will give a speech, and then three groups of 2nd and 3rd Year students will do presentations.

Final Contest 16:20—Thursday, January 22 in Room 532

Part One: Speeches by 1st Year students (2 semi-finalists from each class)

  • 1A-a: Kotone Eshita, Miyuki Karashima
  • 1A-b: Mayuko Takamura, Yuka Morodome
  • 1B-c: Misato Tsutsumi, Miwa Harada
  • 1B-d: Ayaka Ueno, Miyuki Miyamoto

Part Two: Presentations from three 2nd and 3rd Year finalists

This will be followed by…


18:00—Thursday, January 22 in Room 532

Let’s enjoy a wonderful performance from Mr Woolbright’s seminar class of the classic story of “Cinderella.”


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