10th Zion Cup results

Here are the results of our 10th Zion Cup English Contest, held on January 21, 2016. All the students did a great job, and had worked very hard to prepare. Congratulations to the winners.


  • 1st place: Shuuko Saino – Ceremonies
  • 2nd place: Yumi Itou – First Chair 
  • 3rd place: Yuka Ueda – Getting a Drivers’ License


  • 1st place: Haruna Tokitou, Wakana Kaneko – Baby Showers 
  • 2nd place: Reina Moritake, Aki Sato, Shiori Honda – Weddings
  • 3rd place: Miho Hidaka, Mao Sakuta – Life Rituals


  • Paul Collett
  • Suzuko Brown-Mamoto
  • Hiroshi Otani (speech section)


  • Photographer: Ayano Arakaki
  • MCs: Yurina Mihara, Yumi Nakayama
  • Reception: Mayo Nakazono, Emi Arie

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