2016 English Lecture 2: Four Viewpoints of Britain

Comparing Britain and Japan

Thursday, June 16, starting from16:20 in Room 6206

This year, our 4 University of Winchester students will be giving a lecture to our Seinan students as part of our English Lecture series. They will be comparing British and Japanese culture.

  • Katy Ryan – Festivals here and there  “I will discuss British festivals in comparison to Japan festivals, highlighting the likes of Glastonbury music festival and the quirky May Day celebrations.”
  • Cheyenne Adams – Multicultural London  “London is a huge city filled with people of many cultures. I will be talking about how London loves to celebrate these other cultures.”
  • Toni Ellison – Manners  “I will be discussing the differences in social etiquette and mannerisms between English and Japanese societal expectations.”
  • Rachel Morrison – Comparing food  “I will be comparing the staple dishes of Japan and England. In Japan, people eat rice-based meals, but how about England?”

Please join us! Everyone is welcome!


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