Report from Winchester

Rika tells us about her British life

One of our 2nd-year students, Rika Kido, is currently studying for 6 months at the University of Winchester in England. Here’s a report from her first few weeks there. 英語学科二年、木戸里佳さん が現在イギリス、ウィンチェスター大学に半年間交換留学に行っています。こちらがここ数週間の彼女のイギリス留学滞在記です。

Hi, everyone!

I’m Rika, a second year student. Now, I’m at the University of Winchester as an exchange student. I live here with my 5 flatmates. Time has passed so fast. I said “goodbye!” to Japan just  two weeks ago.

I take four courses here. They’re Functional English, Oral Practice and Communication, English Literature, and English for Study. All of them are so interesting. I’m sure that my English skills have improved. In the first few days when I came here, I couldn’t understand what people were talking about, but now I can understand them much better than before.

My best memory recently is that I could meet my English friends who came to Seinan last year and this year! We talked about a lot of things, ate really British dishes, and went drinking. They always tell me a lot of things about Winchester and take me to a lot of places. I feel so happy because I can be with my friends again and make a lot of memories together in the UK.

Actually I also miss Japan so much. When I feel like this, My English friends help me to break out of my loneliness. They are so warm and kind and try to understand what I want to say. I’m so happy to live with them. I really wanna talk about lots of things to them smoothly as soon as possible. I DO LOVE THIS COUNTRY, PEOPLE, AND FOOD. I can reconfirm that “LOVE HAS NO BORDERS.”, just as my teachers told me.

I can’t imagine how much more my English skills will improve. I’ll write another report soon and tell you more about my life here. See you soon! xoxo

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