Hi from Rika – Part 2

Student report from Winchester in the UK

Hi everyone ! I’m Rika, a second year student. This is my sixth week in Winchester. I have enjoyed my stay here. I’m going to talk about the three biggest events in these three weeks.

First of all, I went to a football game with David. He’s the gentlest man I’ve ever met and also the biggest fan of the SAINTS. It was such an amazing game! Finally I could see the real Yoshida Maya. Unlike Japan, football is more popular than baseball. And also the supporters are so enthusiastic. There were several Japanese at the stadium to see Maya.

Secondly, I joined a Halloween party with my flat mates. We had Halloween costumes like cats, devils, angels, witches, and Disney characters. It was one of my dreams to enjoy a British Halloween, so finally my dream came true. At the party, I met my English sisters who came to Seinan Jo this year as exchange students by chance. It was unexpected to meet together so we were so surprised and happy! We had an amazing time with dancing, talking, drinking, and singing. The party was fabulous. The place were decorated with a lot of colorful lights. I assumed you guys also enjoyed Halloween in Japan. I want to hold a Halloween party like Winchester University in our university next year!

Finally, I visited Jane Austin’s House Museum in my Literature class. I wrote about the events. However I also study hard, obviously. LOL Do you know about Jane Austin? Although I’ve never known about her until I took the class here, I’m already a big fan of her! She’s an amazing writer who wrote some famous British novels such as “Sense and Sensibility” (I love it the best!), “Emma,” and “Pride and Prejudice”. I could learn how she lived her life and read and wrote a lot of books. The place around her house is so beautiful. In the house, there’s the smell of lavender everywhere.

This weekend, I’m going to meet my host family which I stayed with last summer! In addition, I’m joining a Guy Fawkes Bonfire festival with Hollie, one of my friends who came to Seinan this year. I’m so excited to see them! I’m surrounded by a lot of love!

Have a wonderful day! Love you all! Xx
See you soon!

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