Hi from Rika – Part 3

Football, festivals, and fun!

Hello:) How are you all? I’m very excited now. That’s because I met the famous Japanese soccer player, Maya Yoshida at a football game today.

Now I want to share about the highlights of my life recently.

Firstly, the football game. I went to Southampton with Mr. David Street (our good friend from Winchester who we met at English Camp). When we arrived at the stadium, I saw Maya on the field. I just tried to watch his play as closely as I could. Then I just felt like he noticed me because I was the only person who was Japanese there. I didn’t say anything, just smiled at him. He smiled at me and bowed too. My heart was beating at that time. In a few seconds, he came to where I was, took off his T-shirt, gave it to me and said, “Thank you for coming.” I thought this is definitely my dream but it wasn’t just that. We also won the game!!! Such a wonderful day! And what a lucky girl I am! I met Maya! Maya met me!

Secondly, the traditional British events. There were a lot of events in England in November. For instance, Poppy Day, Bonfire festival, Christmas lights switch on, and Christmas market. I went there with my friends and they told me a lot of things about them. I’ve never heard about Poppy Day and Bonfire till I came here. I just thought Poppy Day is like a Japanese Obon. I was happy that British people also remember the terrible war and hope that war doesn’t happen any more in our future. In December there are some lovely Christmas events so I can’t wait to join them.

In addition, I’m really enjoying my classes. These days I had some important assessments such as a role play and presentation. However, I can try to do them hard because I love the feeling that I manage them. I don’t know how my English skills have improved, but I do love English much more than before. This is my best achievement of studying abroad. Now I am able to talk to someone much more smoothly and enjoyably than before.





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