Hi from Rika – Part 4

A British Christmas experience

Happy New Year, everyone! How was your Christmas holiday? How was your coming of age ceremony?

Honestly I felt a little bit homesick cause I saw so many pictures of you girls…. but I’m in Hungary now. I’m enjoying my own holiday with my best friend, Anna.

Today I’d love to show you a British Christmas holiday. I had two fabulous experiences with my friends and their families. Firstly, I had a special Christmas dinner with David, his wife, and our Norwegian friend. Every single dish was delicious. They were totally different from a Japanese Christmas. I also tried to eat Christmas pudding, which was a kind of cake filled with several kinds of fruits and alcohol. The taste was so strong. I want you to try it when you come to England.

Lastly I stayed with Toni’s family during Christmas. They were so kind to me and showed me a lot of places and traditional foods. I ate too many delicious foods with them. I had a posh desert as well. On Christmas Day, I got so many presents from them! I could see the real situation of the decorated room as well which had some Christmas stockings hanging on the fireplace and a lot of presents under a big real tree. It was a precious time. I felt so happy to meet my friend’s family. This Christmas became the best one in my life.

I’m still enjoying my last week of holiday though, and also I feel extremely at home in Europe. Here are some photos of my Christmas adventures.

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